Iran-backed Houthis continue to arbitrarily detain dozens of Yemeni officers

A Yemeni officer arbitrarily detained in the prisons of the Iran-backed Houthis had attempted suicide as a result of the physical and psychological torture he and his fellow detainees were subjected to. Identical security sources told Khabar Agency.
One of the police station directors, officer (R. A.), tried to commit suicide on Saturday, as a result of the brutal torture he was subjected to by militia members. Sources said.
The sources pointed out that dozens of employees of the Ministry of Interior are suffering woes in the detention centers of the Houthi militia, noting that the militia arrested them without any legal justification.
The militia arrested dozens of officers, on arbitrary and malicious charges, for their rejection of their abusive policies against citizens and for their disapproval of the militia's brutal acts against civilian detainees.
An intelligence source revealed to Khabar Agency that a number of directors of police stations in the capital, Sana'a, were arrested by Houthis in recent days.
Dozens of officers are still detained in the prisons of the Houthis, without any legal justification.