They were heading to a wedding party... A Houthi Landmine kills, injures 14 civilians in Hodeidah (Video)

Fourteen civilians were killed and wounded on Thursday, in a landmine explosion left by the Iran-backed Houthi militia, in a town in Al Durayhimi district, south of Hodeidah governorate.
Local and medical sources said that the victims were exposed to the explosion of the Houthi landmine in Habhabah area, when they were boarding a transport bus on their way to participate in the wedding of a close relative.
The sources pointed out that the number of dead so far has reached 3, in addition to 11 wounded, some of whom are seriously injured, noting that the death toll is still likely to rise due to the presence of critical injuries.
The Yemeni joint forces immediately directed field ambulance teams to retrieve the dead and rescue the wounded to the hospital, and directed the citizens to move away from the mined area in preparation for the demining.
Hundreds of residents of Al Durayhimi district were killed and injured as a result of the bombing, sniping and mines planted by the militia.